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Jokershorts is the regular round-up of news, reviews and talking points across 10 realms of pop culture.

Part of Jokerside.com, Jokershorts are the snippets, rumours, and analysis that lead to the pop culture cartoons and long-reads of Jokerside.


Personas: Chasing Major Tom - David Bowie's Other Egos

His fate remains shrouded in jewel-encrusted mystery, but David Bowie's first significant creation had staying power. The enigmatic Major Tom remained his constant if infrequent companion through accidents, addiction, life... SO RAN THE CATCHY RCA ADVERT FOR HEROES IN 1977.

Chopping Down A Dolls House: What if The White Album was a single album?

The Beatles, more commonly known as the White Album, turns 50 today. A difficult, brilliant hulk of an album, it's spent five decades defying the many questions it throws up. Is it the band's best album? Is it the start of their break up? What is Honey Pie all about?

The Dark Knight at 10: 10 ways it Introduced a Little Anarchy

"Why so Serious?" Heath Ledger's Joker, disappearing pencils, Harvey's lucky coin, love triangles, Batpods and a Caped Crusader having to cross the line. Cinema's greatest comic book adaptation was released 10 years ago...

Star Trek Discovery Series 1: Our review of Trek's new Wagon Train to the Stars

Jokerside doesn't often do reviews, but when it does, it's for something big. When Star Trek returned to its natural small screen home for the first time in 12 years, we were there to chart every episode of Discovery's first year. You can catch the in-depth reviews over at Jokershorts, but here's the full season...

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Big Screen

News and rumours of what's pulled itself out of development hell alongside reviews of what's arrived at theatres near you.


Small Screen

Streaming, direct to video and good old fashioned network broadcast... Jokershorts serves up the latest genre news, reviews and analysis.


Comic Books

Reviewing and tracking the fast-moving four-colour world of comic books, on page, on screen and more. What's the latest on the scrap between the great kingdoms of DC and Marvel and all the other publishers in between?



Marking anniversaries and adaptations to and from console, including Nintendo classics, 8-bit throwbacks and cutting-edge pop culture transfers. Jump and strafe this way!



Jokershorts has a soft spot for horror, particularly gothic origins and slasher sequalitus. Join us for Halloween specials, key anniversaries, and updates on the latest incarnation of screen horror.



The extended universes developed for your ears only, from Radio 4 to Big Finish, where some of the finest adaptations, re-readings, and new content are being produced right now.

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